Katelyn Wolary b. 1995

Born and raised in Wilmington, OH, Katelyn moved to Cincinnati, OH in 2013 to earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Art Academy of Cincinnati. She is currently working in Cincinnati as a painter and poet.

Artist Statement

My paintings explore the psychological, atmospheric complexity of quietude, solitude, and wonderment against the backdrop of the unyielding force and mystery of the world around us.  Through traditional materials such as oil paint and graphite, I create realistic imagery derived from observation, imagination, and photography. Most of my work is figurative, often portraying people my own age. I believe that my work is autobiographical in this way, because I do my best to make work about what I know, or what I am trying to understand. From a familiar source, I can appropriately expand on a subject and explore it meaningfully, re-interpreting reality in terms of a more poetic vision.